Images of a vibrant yellow, blue and red physics toy, available for sale from Ash Merch.

Air Powered Balloon Car Physics Toy

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A simple but fun way to learn about science!
  • Air-powered balloon car teaches kids about basic physics
  • Colorful and attention-grabbing for young minds
  • Two different play modes for double the fun!
  • Great for individual or group play
This fantastic balloon car is the perfect physics toy for young minds, showing them how air power works. Educational and exciting, this is a fantastic way to make learning basic science concepts fun and engaging!

Fine Toy: The toy is a great DIY toy, so kids can learn some science and physics.
Premium Quality: The car toy provides you, kids, with the new high-quality balloon racing fun.
Premium Material: The toy features the premium materials not to do harm to your child.
Practical in Use: Open the roof of the car and install it with the balloon. Align the inflatable hold and install the car. Press the inflatable rod downward to fill the balloon with air. Press the start button to make the car to the mover.
Practical Design: The toy can improve your child's athletic ability. And the DIY assembled model toy set needs to be installed before playing.

Material: ABS
Capacity Building: Intellectual Development
Application age: 3+

Package included:
1 * inflatable tube
2 * car
6 * balloon