A faucet diverter for home.
A faucet diverter gadget.
A young girl sipping from the faucet's diverter.
The faucet diverter being used to fill a bucket.

Universal Splash Filter Faucet Kitchen Spray Head

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This universal faucet diverting gadget is the perfect addition to your busy kitchen. It allows a 720-degree rotational water stream so you can direct the water wherever you need. Now, washing your face, taking a sip, and filling awkward shaped containers is no sweat. 


  • 720-degree rotation
  • Powerful water pressure
  • Added filtration
  • Durable

Looking for a way to improve your kitchen and make your water easier to maneuver and utilize? Explore your options with this new 720-degree water faucet with multiple filters to make your water purer than ever before. 


  • Four filters built in
  • Adjustable head
  • Made from copper
  • Fits any standard basin faucet

 With 720Splash - Rotating Universal Non-Splashing Filter Faucet, washing your face and gargling is now as easy as hands-free. With its 720 degrees rotating design in any direction, you can use your faucet as a regular faucet for washing your hands, dishes, foods, etc. and rotate it facing upward for washing your face or gargling without a glass. With the rotating design, you can ensure that no corner of your basin will be left unwashed.




720Splash fits any standard basin faucet. Simply replace the filter of your faucet with 720Splash. It comes with multiple layers of filter and adds air to the water stream to make a larger and whiter stream that's soft to touch and non-splashing. It also has 2 modes of spray; impulse shower and foam splash.

Made from sturdy copper, ABS body for extra durability and longevity. 720Splash also includes reinforced double O-ring valves that ensure that all leaks are prevented.