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Car Plastic Restorer Polish

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Just spray and wipe. Slowly wiping with a towel can moisturize more fully and have a better effect Removes light oxidation, dirt, wax residue and surface film with ease Protects against further deterioration caused by the sun, smog, ozone, water, chemicals, and airborne contaminants


  • BRIGHTENS AND REJUVENATES- Stoner Car Care’s Trim Shine Protectant is engineered to rejuvenate and brighten the interior and exterior trims. It’s perfect for dashboards, window trims, bumper grills, seats, and more.
  • RESTORES COLOR AND BRILLIANCE- This long-lasting formula penetrates deep into the interior and exterior plastic, vinyl, and rubber products to restore the vibrance and color they had when they were new. Features a wipe-free aerosol technology, simply spray and walk away.
  • PROTECTS AGAINST UV AND SUNLIGHT- Trim Shine Protectant provides a durable and long-lasting layer of sunlight and UV ray protection that reduces fading, cracking, and discoloration over time.
  • MULTIPURPOSE APPLICATION- Stoner Car Care Pro-Trim Shine provides a durable shine to cladding, trim, tires, bumpers, convertible tops, seatbacks, dashboards, armrests, air vents, the steering column, and more.


  • Item Type: Leather & Upholstery Cleaner
  • Item Volume: 300ml
  • Item Weight: 0.34kg